The registration will be considered valid only after PayPal Payment confirmation. Proof of payment may be requested at the time of registration.
 Payments in person will be accepted during the beginning of the event (30th of September and October the first - 2019).

Important Information:

Step #1: Make your PayPal payment and save the receipt with your name appearing in a readable form (if necessary, print and write the name of the participant on the voucher) in PDF or JPG format.

Step #2: If you are enrolling in the undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral student category, you will also need to attach a digital copy (PDF or JPG) of a document proving your condition to your application. The supporting documents are: valid student identity, containing the institution's data and course and expiration date or proof of enrollment / post-doctoral updated on letterhead and signed by the person responsible for the course and with the end date of the link. To validate your application, you must send the payment and student proofs to

Step #3: After payment, click on the link to receive the form and follow the instructions to fill out your application. Be careful to fill in the requested information and, mainly, correctly inform your email (preferably the same used in PayPal payment). Proof of payment may be requested at registration. Your registration will only be valid after Paypal payment confirmation and form completion.

Step #4:  After confirming the registration, you will receive an email containing your registration number. Please keep this information carefully for accreditation and posterior abstract submission.

All questions regarding registrations should be sent to the e-mail


1. Only the payment date will be considered valid for justify the amounts to be paid according to the table, not the date of enrollment in the form.

2. Instructions for the preparation and submission of abstracts can be found in the "Abstract" topic of the event website.

3. Cancellation of registration will only be accepted until June 29, 2019, when requested by letter sent to the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Mirmeco. The refund will be 50% of the amount paid, the percentage of 50% being withheld as administrative fee. Registration after the date of June 29, 2019 will not be entitled to a refund. The letter of refund request must include the registration data (registration number) and the bank details (for reimbursement). The letter must be signed and, together with a copy of the identity card, it must be sent in PDF or JPG format to the email The refund will be made only after the end of the event. Registration transfers can only be made within the same category and same window of values. If the registration is transferred in a different window of values, the participant must pay the difference. 

4. Registration at the Symposium will entitle you to:
• Identification badge and a bag containing material related to the event;
• Access to the opening session;
• Participation in plenary conferences and round tables;
• Access to poster and coffee-break sessions;
• Certificate of participation;
• Event program and annals.

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