Abstracts Submission until June 17th 2019

All enrolled participants are invited to submit abstracts from January 25th to June 17th, 2019. The abstracts will be evaluated by a scientific committee, responsible for determining the abstract merit for the symposium. Abstracts submitted may be rejected or accepted at the event in poster or oral presentation format. This decision will be at discretion of the scientific committee, according to its originality, scientific contribution and relevance. The best abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and the other will be presented in poster format. The presenter can indicate the preferred form of presentation and if the number of works indicated for oral presentation exceeds the available time it will be at the discretion of the scientific committee, according to the originality, scientific contribution and relevance of each work, to choose which works must be presented orally. Abstracts submitted after the deadline established will not be evaluated under any circumstances.

Authors will be notified by August 9th, 2019 on whether or not their abstracts are accepted. This communication will be through e-mail and, if accepted, the presentation format (oral or poster) will be informed.

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                                    Guide for abstract authors
Abstracts will be divided into five major themes. See the options at Appendix 1. Each subscriber can submit two abstracts as responsible, being a first or second author. All abstracts submitted must follow the following standards, listed below:

1. Abstracts must be written in english;
2. Abstracts must be sent exclusively in ".docx" format. It is the responsibility of the author that the file conforms to the standards and can be read by any computer with Microsoft Word® 6.0 or higher version text editor; 

3. Paper size: A4; Margins (upper, lower, left, right): 2.5 cm;

4. Font: Times New Roman - size 12; 

5. Simple spacing between lines;

6. Left text alignment in the entire document; 

7. Maximum of 30 words in title and 400 words in main text.

Only abstracts referring to studies with partial results or completed studies will be considered for evaluation, i.e. abstracts will not be accepted in a research project format.

Abstract items must be included in the order indicated below:

1. Title: with CAPITAL letters and in bold; with scientific names in italics;

2. Names: author's initial name(s), followed by last name, with CAPITAL letters; responsible author name underlined; different names must be separated by a comma, except the penultimate and the last, separated by "&" symbol.

3. Authors' addresses: Main author: name of the institution, full address and e-mail address. Other authors: only the institution, city, state and country are included. Authors' addresses are separated by semi-colons. If there is more than one institution, identify the author and his origin with numbers.

4. Main text: should be written in a single paragraph. The text should include the theoretical context and study objectives. Particular attention should be paid to whether the objective(s) are explicit or that the main research questions are presented in a clear manner. It should also include a brief method description (what was done and how it was done) and results (final or partial) obtained. Finally, the abstract should include the main research findings. Do not use subtitles (eg, Introduction, Objectives, etc.) in the text, nor include citations or bibliographical references. Do not indicate statistical test results. Considering the high historical diversity of the Symposium's public, it is recommended that the text be written in a clear and familiar language for a broad audience, avoiding, where possible, very specific terms for each sub-area.

5. Development institutions: these will be indicated at the end of the main text, in parentheses, after the last sentence.

                                              Download the Mirmeco abstract template!

                                                 Abstract Submission

The abstract submission will be conditional upon your registration confirmation. As soon as you receive your registration number you will be able to make the submission. Abstracts forwarded without a valid registration number will not be evaluated.

To submit your abstract, fill in the form fields and attach the file. The abstract should be in Word document format (.docx). Documents in PDF format or other formats will not be accepted.

You will receive confirmation of submission of abstracts by email, within a period of up to seven days. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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